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Due to a family emergency,
HearingSense will not be accepting new appointments until late April 2015

We apologize for this inconvenience. We really do love our clients and hate to have to step away like this.

Phone and e-mail messages will be checked every few days, but we are unable to promise a quick response.

In the meantime, if you have a broken device or require immediate care, please contact our colleague Deborah Powell, MS, at University Audiologic Associates, who has graciously offered to take care of HearingSense clients during this time. (Just tell her you are a from HearingSense.)

Deborah R. Powell, MS
University Audiologic Associates
1325 Howe Avenue, Suite 101
Sacramento CA 95825

Hearing loss can be frustrating—
...for you, and your loved ones.

Fortunately, today's treatments and digital hearing aids can help like never before.

At Hearing Sense, our Board-certified Audiologist will take the time to assess your situation and recommend a course of action tailored specifically for you. You'll likely be surpised at the many options available.

Our services include:

  • Thorough hearing assessments, hearing rehabilitation, counseling and education.
  • Fitting of digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices based on individual needs and lifestyles.
  • Listening devices for TV, music and the telephone.
  • Custom ear plugs and hearing protection for swimmers, music aficionados, musicians, and other vocations.
  • Referrals to local physicians to provide comprehensive hearing healthcare.
  • Repairs of all makes and models of hearing aids.

We are also the Northern California provider of Hearing in Noise Tests (HINT) for law-enforcement applicants.

Please give us a call at 916.933.9700 to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.